currently on a world tour with Agnes Obel. It's a band of mothers. Not only am I warmly invited to bring my daughter on tour, but also our record 'Zephyr'. Itโ€™s on the merch stand in every city!

Deepest gratitude to @agnesobel for being so kind! We just realized all how magical it is to be on tour with kids

CASPER – Alles war schรถn und nichts tat weh !

Bin unglaublich glรผcklich hier dabei sein zu dรผrfen an Vocals Cello und Keys ! Schรถnste Tour und liebste Truppe – 2022 EVET!!!

Niren Mahajan
Niren Mahajan
Chris Schwarz
Chris Schwarz
Niren Mahajan


This process of creating โ€˜Zephyrโ€™ has given us so much and we hope it does the same for you

Itโ€™s an ode to string instruments. Every sound comes 100% from either our acoustic instruments or voice

You can order it here

ยฉcamille Blake


ยฉ Damien Daufresne

SOMETIMES WITH OTHERS are now part of the Swampbooking family !!!

ยฉ Tatjana Hahn

Preppin for Meret Becker Tour Feb 2022

Sari Antikainen
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